1. The warranty period for new Praxtour products is described in the order confirmation. The warranty only applies if an original proof of purchase can be furnished.
  2. Should a fault occur within the warranty period as a result of a material and/or manufacturing fault, The distributor, or in case of direct delivery Praxtour, guarantees that this fault will be repaired without cost and/or to replace the defective part.
  3. If a part is replaced within the product’s warranty period, the original warranty period for the product applies to this part also. The original warranty period is therefore never extended or renewed by replacement in the interim.
  4. When a fault arises this should be notified to the distributor in writing as soon as possible, but by not later than two months after it has been discovered.
  5. There is no entitlement to claim under the warranty and all warranties are invalidated if the defect is the result of:
    a) maintenance work/repair work not carried out by the distributor;
    b) improper use, therefore, use for a purpose other than the purpose for which the product is intended;
    c) the use of parts that are not original Praxtour parts;
    d) changes to the product, which have been implemented without permission from Praxtour;
    e) normal wear and tear and/or poor maintenance;
    f) external influences, such as moisture penetration (perspiration, condensation or others).
  6. There is also no warranty in relation to damage to the product which occurs while the product is being shipped/transported.

Warranty procedure

  • The delivery and warranty conditions vary from country to country. Contact your dealer / distributor.
  • Consult the dealer / distributor to analyse the problem (have it analysed);
  • The decision on whether a defect in a product is covered by the warranty rests solely with Praxtour in the Netherlands.
  • If the product is covered by the warranty, then in principle it will be repaired or replaced without charge within 30 days of receipt.
  • The shipping costs to the distributor / dealer or the Praxtour Service Centre are to be paid by the purchaser.


  • Praxtour reserves the right to modify, improve or to replace returned products with a similar or equivalent product without prior notification. Praxtour is not, however, obliged to improve the product or to fit new elements.
  • Given the many configuration options and configuration problems Praxtour does not guarantee that the supplied software will work on all systems, not even if the PC configuration complies with the recommended specifications.
  • Praxtour or its distributors are authorized to replace defective parts with similar parts of equivalent quality, without prejudice to Praxtour authority to opt in such cases for a monetary reimbursement to the value of the product that has been returned.
  • Praxtour is never responsible for damage, including consequential loss, arising from or associated with the use of its products, or for damage occurring while the product is being shipped.